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Genetec ALPR parking payment system now interoperable with third parties
Source: Genetec
Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a leading provider of world-class unified IP security solutions, today announced a new Pay-by-Plate Sync feature for AutoVu, its license plate recognition (LPR) system of Security Center, the Company’s unified security platform. The AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync feature allows users to easily consolidate multiple third-party systems into a single parking solution.

With this latest version of AutoVu, Genetec brings the benefits of an open architecture to parking enforcement and management, so customers are no longer locked in to a particular solution. Genetec customers get the freedom to choose various parking technology solutions based on their requirements, and as their needs evolve, they can change suppliers for citations management, parking meters or mobile phones, without needing to re-invest in their enforcement system, ensuring business continuity and minimized costs.

"Most parking-payment systems don't work well together because they simply weren't designed to be compatible-and they usually offer little-to-no levels of integration," said Chris Yigit, Senior Product Manager for AutoVu at Genetec. "With our new AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync feature, we can help our customers easily tie-together their disparate parking systems into one elegant solution."

By simplifying the ability to create an end-to-end pay-by-plate (PBP) solution customers can now select and integrate different vendors that were not otherwise compatible; including suppliers of parking and permit management systems, parking meters and pay-by-phone solutions.

With AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync, it is now also possible migrate to an end-to-end PBP solution without having to replace every single piece of the system. By acting as a central aggregating database, Pay-by-Plate Sync uses the license plate number as the key identifier, enabling more efficient enforcement and parking management-while making parking easy for consumers.

Pay-by-Plate Sync works with a wide variety of parking permit types, including residential permits, university semester permits, employee permits and shared permits, as well as transient parking transactions from pay stations and pay-by-phone systems. Genetec AutoVu supports the following parking technology suppliers: T2 Systems, Cale, Parkmobile, Parkeon, Aparc Systems, Digital Payment Technologies, PayByPhone and Global Parking Solutions. Additional partner integrations, leveraging the Genetec open platform architecture, are being added in the coming months.
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