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BriefCam Announces Support for Genetec Security Center 5.1
Source: BriefCam
BriefCam announced that Version 2.4 of its award-winning Video Synopsis solution for the rapid review, analysis and indexing of video is now integrated to Genetec Security Center 5.1.

BriefCam’s award-winning Video Synopsis technology enables users to “browse hours in minutes”. BriefCam products fulfill the global unmet need to review video quickly, investigate and identify incidents rapidly and take action as needed.

The integration between Video Synopsis and Security Center 5.1 lets Genetec users process and review synopsis videos – all within the Security Center environment.

The BriefCam server processes data streamed from the Genetec video management system (VMS) to produce a database that can be called on to create a synopsis video, on demand. The original source video of any event can be accessed in a single click.

On average, review time is compacted by factor of 1/60, meaning one hour of video can be viewed in a minute.

BriefCam’s shared annotations feature makes collaboration easy and its integration with Security Center’s bookmark functionality is extremely valuable for investigative teams. Specific objects of interest within the Video Synopsis can be bookmarked and when called on, indexed back to the original video, again, with one click.

Dror Irani, CEO and President of BriefCam said, “Genetec is a valued partner and support for Security Center 5.1 was a priority for us. We’re excited to make this announcement as we feel that BriefCam’s tight integration with Security Center brings Genetec users one step closer to our vision of Total Video Review as a standard procedure, not only for post-event investigation but for on-site investigation and proactive surveillance as well.”

“We are very excited about BriefCam’s ongoing commitment to the Genetec platform,” commented Jimmy Palatsoukas, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Genetec. “Extending the BriefCam integration to Security Center 5.1 will provide our joint customers with more efficient and sophisticated ways to leverage their video to further optimize their security operations.”
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