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Building intercom system combine with face recognition
Source: Pipo Yu
With the popularity of intelligent building intercom ushered in a new development opportunities, and has become the standard equipment of a modern residential community, it can not only provide feed for the user, the management and visiting guests, but also on the formation of building security effective security management.

But the vast majority of the building intercom system uses the ID card the way out of the cell or the building when that ID card through the brush to open the door. A seemingly simple swipe door action, but there is a big security risk and the use of malpractice. If you forget your card when you bring households out of district would be inconvenient; Residential property for a limited number of cards per household configuration, adding a card need to pay additional fee; If the card is lost, and was picked up after the criminals, he can open the door freely.

When the face recognition and building intercom system met, what kind of home life will make it simple?

Face recognition technology is a fusion of biology, psychology and cognitive science and other multi-disciplinary, multi-technology (pattern recognition, image processing, computer vision, etc.) of the new biometric technology for identification (one to one ratio right), identity authentication (many matching), access control, security monitoring (banking, customs monitoring), human-computer interaction (virtual reality, games) and so on.

For residents:

They just need tregistration of face to property, when they go through the camera area, will be automatically captured, than pair, gate automatically open, no need for additional access cards, especially when shopping over, carrying a bunch of items when not required go through a "put things - find the key - open the door - and then carry things," such processes. And, face recognition is very quickly, less than one second to be able to identify.

When there are new people, such as parents come to live, you can apply directly to the property together face registration, without the need to re-do card to pay the costs.

For property management:

After using the building intercom system with face recognition function, you only need to register the face information while residents in check, even if there is additional personnel, residents will also come for the initiative to facilitate personnel management community.

In summary, the building intercom combining face recognition, not only convenient life and property management of the residents, but also will be more conducive to community policing management, create a harmonious and peaceful community life.
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