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  • Fujian Fran Optics Co., Ltd.

  • Country: China
  • City: Fuzhou
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  • Contact Person: Amy Lin

50 Rising Stars 2013 - China Special Supplement
Source: Fuzhou Fran M&E Technology
Fran is a professional manufacturer for mold development and production for plastic optical lens, it engaged in this field since 1998 and launched “Fuzhou Fran M&E Technology Development Co., Ltd. in 2004. In 15 years, Fran aims to become the best supplier for optical parts in the world and focus in offering all kinds of optical dome cover with the best quality for customers.

In order to meet the various needs from different customers, Fran not only provide OEM and ODM services, but also offer customized service. By far, Fran has successfully developed a series of spheroidal and hemispherical covers, including Fixed Dome Cover, Constant Speed Dome Cover, High Speed Dome Cover and other kinds of special dome cover which possess characters like Hardened Coating, AR Coating, Metallization, Anti-fog , Anti-rain and so on . The multiple sizes and styles could successfully meet the demands of different dome camera

Keeping up with the market demand for providing the timely products

The fiercely competitive circumstances always could distinguish between winners and losers. Fran stands steadily in this industry during these years in terribly drastic environment and has grown into a well reputable supplier of dome cover. Through the analysis of the causes, we could find that, it is Fran’s strong insight to the market that greatly help Fran develop more and more stable and better. Fran’s 30% annual growth rate is closed to the growth rate of the market, which further demonstrates the tightness between Fran and the market .

Only innovation could settle all challenges

Why could Fran always possess flourishing development both in fierce competition environment and in the period of steady economic development? Anyone who has a well understand to Fran could know that, it is the innovation that continually helps Fran constantly absorbs nutrition, get full vigor and work wonders of occupying 80% market share!

The innovative achievements including the original creation of injection molding technology, firstly supporting 18X dome cover, successfully developing 36X dome cover and obtaining two patents, successfully launching explosion-proof dome cover and so on. These achievements are just small aspects of Fran past 15 year’s innovation. Fran has accumulated technologies of high transmittance, low reflection, vandalresistant, anti-water, anti-static, anti-scratch and so on. At the same time, Fran posses a full set of strict quality testing mechanism for new product to ensure high quality. Each new product should be strictly tested during 10 processes including
optical precision, external optical imaging, surface abrasion resistance, light transmittance and other kinds of processes. It is Fran‘s unremitting pursuit for Innovation and strict standard toward the products that makes Fran become popular among this industry. It is a common for the First-line brand players in security industry that asks Fran for the best dome covers.

Shaping internally and externally helps Fran hit the new height

Fran’s remarkable achievements are there for all to see, however, Fran still maintains a modest heart to go on. In Frans’ eyes, the best method of smoothly dealing with all challenges facing in the security industry and the changing market and continue to take the leading position need Fran to make great efforts form the following two aspects:

On the one hand, Fran should stick to the constant technological innovation to enhance its own technical strength, provide the best products to win the customers’ recognition with strength, and establish Fran’s brand;
On the other hand, Fran should keep his mind on improving the internal mechanism, including the Innovation mechanism and the management mechanism, both of which are critical.

Only the interior supply chain reaches a higher standard could one company adapt to the changes in the market and get the considerable development and progress. These two strategies mentioned above are Fran’s truth pursued during the past fifteen years. Faced with the change of the security market, Fran should shape himself internally and externally to make him more perfect and produce better quality products to meet the needs of all the customers, all of which would help make Fran Dream come true.
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