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Why should you install DUOX in your building project

In this post we talk about what is this full digital system, based on 2 non polarised wires, and how DUOX improves a construction efficiency and the security in the homes.

At an installation level:

This system is the quickest and easiest to install. Up to 50% faster than other 2-wire systems.
Very structured system. The logic remains independent, regardless of whether the installation is large or small. At an installation accessory level, DUOX line of accessories is much simpler than others in the market. In the case of new constructions, the installer is able to order monitors at the last minute, reducing timings and budget.

At a programming level:

The system can be programmed in just three steps, with no programming tool required.
The installer can programme the monitor without requiring a manual or knowledge of programming codes. Elimination of possible errors thanks to digital programming.

At a quality level:

Robustness against noise and possible external interferences.
Great quality of audio. Regenerators allow to maintain a uniform signal quality throughout the entire installation. Minor chance of device breakage or failure, as DUOX installation requires very few elements.

At a usability level:

Mechanical pushbuttons with correct signalling that help the user. Intuitive management, allowing to take advantage of DUOX advanced functionalities. OSD Menu for easy configuration and settings control by end-users. Devices adapted to people with visual, mobility and hearing disabilities.

Now that you know the advantages and facilities that DUOX offers to your building development, you may already be determined to incorporate it. In addition, you can choose between different models of monitors and telephones for the interior of the apartments, as well as outdoors panels for the exterior of the building.

Why should you rely on a leading supplier in the door entry systems market?

FERMAX, a leading brand in the video door entry and access control systems market provides quality, flexible and adaptable products to the needs of each installation. The Spanish company also offers support before, during and after the completion of the project.

Keeping customers satisfied is key to ensuring long-term relationships with them. For this reason, at FERMAX we always look forward to offering the best service and the best assistance since the first contact, to all our customers and partners (systems integrators, installers, distributors, developers, end-users ...).

As a developer or building contractor, being aware in advance that you have the support of the supplier during all the stages of the project, is possibly the first reason that leads you to choose a supplier over other brands in the market. In addition, you should know that choosing the same supplier for different systems will help you to have more efficient and better connected systems, guaranteeing the excellence of them. With FERMAX it is very easy to incorporate an integrated solution for the communication and security in a building.
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