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Smile Touch door entry monitor: the latest technology from Fermax in the fingertips

Smile Touch monitor is the latest technological solution for those looking to upgrade the interior design in the home, by incorporating the awarded design of the Smile monitor from Fermax.

This renewed version of Smile integrates a 7" capacitive touchscreen that allows to control and configure all the functionalities of our video door entry system in an intuitive way. The new Smile Touch monitor stands out for its flawless aspect, compact, extra-slim and elegant exterior.

A design with personality. An experience and renewed usability.

SMILE Design was recognised with prestigious awards such as the IF Label of the International Forum of Design or the Delta Selection Seal. Its design allows a perfect integration in any environment, either with flush or surface mounted, but the best is in its interior. Through its touch screen, with just a touch, the resident can intuitively manage the highest performances.

The volume is adjustable during its functioning, provides absolute privacy in the conversation and it is possible to choose from six different ring tones. This monitor is also able to fully adapt to the needs of each user. Through its simple menu with graphic icons we can adjust the device, from where it activates or deactivates the communication with the outdoor panel or select the main and secondary camera.

Also, through the video door entry system it is possible to control the lift, activate the function of automatic opening set up from 00:00 to 23:59 and call to the concierge.

Technical specifications

7" screen size

Touchscreen with capacitive technology

Format 16.9

Resolution 80-480

Contrast ratio 500/1


Control of colour, contrast and brightness

Maximum comfort and peace of mind

The Smile Touch monitor is very comfortable and easy to use. It is a hands-free video door entry monitor and it can also be adapted to push-to-talk mode. In addition, Smile Touch brings peace of mind in the home, since it is possible to time the "Do Not Disturb" function and switch off the call when it is desired or cancel the audio from the monitor with the "Mute" option.

The Smile Touch monitor is a perfect option for those users who want an up-to-date monitor with all the necessary functionalities for day-to-day. This video door entry system attracts attention for the size of its screen and also for the simplicity of using its menu.

No doubt, what makes Smile Touch irresistible to the end user is its technology, its meticulous and compact design, and the tranquility that it is made by a leading brand like Fermax. Do you need more information about this monitor? Contact Fermax team.
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