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How to solve the upscale community of intelligent security system
Source: Paul
Peace - eternal topic
With the reform and opening, the improvement of the economic development of the card and the domestic standard of living, and promote the increase of urban migration. As from the many destabilizing factors, robbery, and criminal cases increased the incidence of law and order situation is getting serious. Therefore, the relevant departments of the state governance of social security problems and want to create a safe and civilized city as an important indicator. At the same time, to further standardize the housing communities of intelligent building, the construction standards of the community intelligence community. Therefore, the construction of community security system has been gradually incorporated into many essential community building projects, and Shenzhen, for example, almost all new residential properties for sale are pre-installed home security systems, and to prohibit the installation of security network, Guangzhou no money removal of the security net, and its anti-theft function is necessarily transferred by electronic anti-theft system. Therefore, the residential community security system construction in the coming years will be rapid growth, and also from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other developed cities spread to the coastal areas and the mainland.

2, the bottleneck - the traditional solution
At present, the general community security monitoring system, mostly using the traditional analog transmission-based solve the program, or based on digital hard disk video recorder (DVR) of the semi-digital technology solutions, these solutions exist many bottlenecks: First is the need to a lot of wiring construction, video cable , control lines, alarm lines, power lines, ...... and so on, followed by simulation-based system in the video storage, sharing, remote transmission has inherent deficiencies, and finally even DVR-based digital solutions in the system expansion, upgrades, and the transmission of video, there are many limitations.
3, digital - the solution
Network Video Server third-generation all-digital technology video decentralized / centralized monitoring system core equipment, is the latest one class of digital monitoring products, it can be conventional cameras capture the images and alarm probe the alarm signal to digital encoding processing after, through the LAN network users, WAN, wireless network, Internet or other networks transmitted to the network extends to any place, thousands of miles away by an ordinary computer for remote image in real-time monitoring, recording, management. Network video server based on network characteristics of the dynamic real time image transmission, making the past must be confined to the region-wide image monitoring system and become subject to time and geographical restrictions.
Digital security systems, the application of network video server to achieve the above problems will be solved, upscale community-based information network transmission, the deployment of the system is more flexible, and to get rid of cumbersome wiring construction, Secondly, because the front-end monitoring points will be the analog signal conversion for the flow of digital information, whether it is remote, local monitoring, or integrated with other systems (such as community information management, community property management, patrol system, remote meter reading systems, access control systems, etc.) have become easy.
4, analytical - Security monitoring requirements
The video surveillance system is an indispensable part of the Intelligent Community, major acquisition community entrances, each cell door, parking lot entrances and exits, and a variety of public places and other key areas of video surveillance images, the community's duty personnel in real-time monitoring The video image of each site to the entire community; and control, real-time recording, playback, retrieve video files, the management center through the network for remote monitoring and control.
In order to better ensure the safety of the community, to install the perimeter on the radio anti-theft alarm system, implementation of the community perimeter guard. Alarm equipment using four-beam infrared detectors installed on the top of the community walls and gates, active infrared detector on the radio transmitter and receiver reasonable place to prevent the emergence of monitoring blind spots.
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