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Mauritius: Dahua Technology—A Trustworthy Security Solution Provider
Source: Dahua Technology
On Oct.21st, 2011, a grand ceremony was held to celebrate the fulfillment of the project of CCTV Street Surveillance System and Island-wide Digital Radio Communication System (hereafter referred as the project) in Mauritius.

In recent years, Mauritius has enjoyed a continuous urbanization and its floating population is also on the rise, which inevitably brings some difficulties and pressure on the management of social security; but the limited police force failed to meet the increasing security demand on such a large scale. Therefore, Mauritius government attached great importance to the said project and was intended to have the very best providers. Many Chinese-owned enterprises, including the leading companies in every filed, all took a great response to this call. With months’ preparation, Dahua Technology finally went through strategic passes of all levels and won the tender to provide total solutions and CCTV products for this project.

With arduous efforts and devotion, the construction came to completion lately and passed the acceptance of the national expert group. After that, the project was successfully handed over to Mauritius National Police Administration. The Mauritius officials remarked that Mauritius will definitely benefit a lot thanks to this project, since it gives the reassurance to the people and builds harmonious environment for the country’s development.

This project was firstly applied in the capital city—Port-Louis and the popular travel resort—Grand Bay to assist local police to restrain crimes. Many local citizens highly spoke of the project and expressed that they’ve been much relieved and less scared when walking or driving in the crime-ridden areas, because they are aware that, thanks to the surveillance devices, the police in the control center will take immediate actions to crack down the malicious attempts to rescue the citizens in danger. The recording video also serves as the forensic material to provide accurate evidence to protect victims’ interests and maintain the legal justice. Besides, this system also brings positive effect on traffic surveillance system, since the traffic flow and congestion could be easier under control via this system: the three key factors, namely, pedestrians, motorized/non-motorized vehicles and roads would be better interacted and thus not only improves the transportation efficiency with less consumption , but also reduces congestion and traffic accidents.

Mr. Ramgoolam, the prime minister of Mauritius, and Bian Yanhua, the ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Mauritius, along with other high-ranking governmental officials, presented in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and visited the construction site. Later, Mr. Ramgoolam held a banquet in Port Louis to extend his gratitude and again approved the outstanding job that Dahua had done. In his address, he acclaimed that Dahua Technology is a trustworthy security solution provider and security products manufacturer.

Dahua Technology was then awarded “Highly-qualified Construction Certificate” issued by Mauritius and received approval from the ministry of commerce. “The approval we received will stimulate us to further scale new heights”, the spokesman of Dahua Technology responded.
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