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The Right Replacement for Analog:960H, HD/IP or HDcctv?
Coaxial 960H Hybrid Camera
An HD solution is 960H, which is developed by Techwell and Sony. The camera adopts Sony’s 1/3- or 1/4-inch 960H CCD sensor and its Effio series ISP,featuring WDR and low-lux. The DVR uses Techwell’s newest analog A/D video decoder chip.

The 960H solution is transmitted over coaxial cabling, increasing resolution by more than 30 percent. It delivers more detailed images with 650 TVLs in live view and 540 TVLs in playback — more than D1’s limits of 540 TVLs live and 480 TVLs for playback. Its resolution reaches 960 by 576, or 960 by 480, which is nearly a quarter of 1,080P resolution.Users can easily migrate to 1,080P HD imaging with this solution.

Dahua has released 960H cameras to meet market demands for WDR and lowlux features: The CA-F481E, CA-F581E and CA-F781E series. For storage, the DVR0404/0804/1604HF-S-E series DVR supports four-, eight- and 16-channel models. The DVR features real-time 960H (960 by 576/960 by 480) decoding. Its embedded CPU enables full HD 1,080P live viewing output, simultaneous playback and a transmission capacity of more than 150 mbps.

Network HD Solution
Network high-resolution imaging is fairly mature. The products are widely available, such as HD network cameras,NVRs/DVRs with large storage amounts,decoding equipment and software

Dahua network cameras use Sony 3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensors.They support full HD 1,080P at 25/30 fps and 3-megapixel (2,048 by 1,536) video decoding at 15 fps. This series includes indoor and outdoor camera models, along with box and dome types with optional
IR: IPC-HF3300, IPC-HFW3300, IPCDB3300 and IPC-DBW3300. The cameras support ICR day and night vision. They also feature PoE transmission.

Network storage options include the NVR0404DS-L, the SVR3016L featuring significant amounts of storage and the ESS3016X IP Storage. Dahua’s products support up to eight channels of full HD on the SNVD4008G decoder, along with eight channels of HD output. For video management, Dahua offers its own DSS and PSS software. The HD network camera is compatible with the Genetec platform and complies with ONVIF standards, for maximum interoperability.

Network HD surveillance has its benefits,but require compression to keepbandwidth manageable. Depending on network traffic, IP video may have significant image lag, dropped frames and loss of detail after it is compressed.HDcctv uses the HD-SDI broadcast
standard to send uncompressed video over coaxial cables, with virtually no delay.
The original HD stream is preserved,resulting in real-time transmission and improved image quality. An HDcctv system is also more reliable than a network system.

An HDcctv video surveillance system uses existing coaxial cabling, so users only need to change their cameras,DVRs and other hardware. It is easier and cheaper to use HDcctv equipment,compared to buying completely new network surveillance devices. Installers
and end users do not need to learn about complex IP networks, as HDcctv uses the same settings and operations as analog systems, reducing additional training costs.

While network surveillance solutions offer flexibility, they cannot meet real-time demands for mission-critical applications.Image delay, the possibility of remote hacks into the network and network downtime are not acceptable at banks,hospitals, prisons and museums. HDcctv systems without image delay can solve real-time streaming problems. Operators can monitor and view scenes live. They can track motion with high-speed domes,
to pinpoint the exact location of events.

Dahua has launched several HD-SDI cameras and DVRs. The HDC-HF3211 uses a 2-megapixel Kodak CCD sensor and supports 1,080P at 20/30 fps.Another model, the HDC-HF3300, uses a
3-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS and also supports 1,080P at 20/30 fps.

The VEC8004HD is a four-channel realtime HD-SDI Compression Card, which supports one 1,080P HDMI output. The HD-SDI DVR (DVR0404HD-U) features four-channel support for full HD 1,080P images, as well as four channels of 1,080P real-time viewing and simultaneous
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