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Compro Smart Home Solution at Computex 2010 - Cost Saving, Wireless, Plug and Play, Non PC, Easy Installation and Management

Accoriding to the recent report of the research firm Park Associates, Monitoring Fees for U.S. Households has increased 15[[][[]][[]%]] from $28.60 to $32.00 between 2008 and 2010. The residential security market keeps growing due to the rising burglary rate and home security awareness. Compro listens and responses to this demand and come out affordable Smart Home Solution for the market.

Compro Smart Home Solution is cost saving, non PC, plug and play, easy installation and easy management. Unlike traditional Video and Alarm systems that are independant to each other, Compro integrates IP cameras and alarm sensors into one total solution.

When door sensors detect the intrusion or burglary, it will send you an alarm messages via Email or SMS. PTZ camera will start auto tracking the burglar's movement and reocrd video events to microSD card. When you get the alarm notice, you can call the police to catch the burglar and link to IP Camera to see what is happening. Thanks to the Smart Home Solution, the recorded video are prefect evidence for court to nail down burglar's crime.

When the smoke detector is triggered, you will receive an alarm message via Email or SMS. You instantly link to IP Camera to verify the alarm and see what is happening. If there's true fire accident, you call firefighter immediately for help. The Smart Home Solution eliminates the faulse alarm with video support. It also helps to keep danger away from your family and possible damages away from your house.

Compro Smart Home Solution is for diverse potential markets :
1) Retail DIY Market for its easy and minimal installation
2) SMB Market for integration with Access Control sysem for Entrance Monitoring at hotels, companies, stores, resorts...etc.
3) Home Automation and Building Automation business for surveillance
4) Home Monitoring Security Service package for Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telecom comapny and Internet Data Center

Compro has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years with great experience in OEM/ODM Business. We are ISO certified company and our location in Taiwan has great advantages sourcing and providing customized total solution for different customers and markets.

Business Model
- One stop Shop for Home Security
- OEM/ODM business offering Hardware, Software and Total Solution

Home Kit Package :
- Ready-to-use Wireless IP Camera
- Camera Options: PTZ IP camera with object tracking , IR/Non-IR Cube type IP Cameras
- Bundled management ComproView System

Key benefits
- 8 Step easy installation for IP Camera in less than 5 minutes.
- Megapixel Resolution offers perfect, clear and crisp images.
- H.264 compression cuts storage demand by up to 30[[][[]][[]%]] compared to MPEG-4
- 24/7 True IR Day and Night Mode on selected models
- Built-in motion, tamper and audio detection on IP Cameras
- Built-in MIC and Speaker
- MicroSD/SDHC Local Storage Support
- Video and alarm sensor/detector management via ComproView System
- On-site or remote viewing via PC /Notebook/Mobile phone

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