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CIAS is happy to introduce an historical innovation.
CIAS Dynamic, the new-born catalogue dedicated to products and solutions for Home and Commercial Security markets. CIAS Dynamic combines CIAS’ experience in security with dynamism and ease of application required by residential and commercial markets nowadays.

CIAS Dynamic offers both products designed and made “in CIAS” and a selection of products made by third parties which passed through many and strictest tests in quality and functionality.

CIAS discloses the following new products, now ready with IMMEDIATE availability:

SIOUX Light which was made to make installer’s life easier, not only with respect to product’s functionality and performances, but also from the economical point of view (actually Sioux Light costs from 30% to 40% less compared to the same configuration with SIOUX in current price list). Sioux Light is proposed in kits, ready and full-optional, perfect for protection of small fences (70m, 140m, 210m, 280m), not forgetting quality and results as given by SIOUX 3.0. Sioux Light can manage up to 4 zones and it has an IP port exclusively dedicated to firmware updating – whereas in Sioux 3.0 it can collect alarms.

AQUARIUS XL and AQUARIUS XS are the two new double-technology curtain sensors, with combination of passive infrared and microwave functionalities. The XL model has 12m range, fully suitable for use outdoors, whereas the XS, 8m range and cheaper, must not be installed in sites exposed to heavy rain. AQUARIUS, easy to install and fast to use, it’s the best for protection of residential sites and small buildings in general.

Moreover COMING SOON our new Control Panel:

QUASAR is the brand-new multi-bus control panel, extendible up to 40-80 inputs. Made in CIAS Labs, this new series of control panels represents the synthesis of technological know-how that CIAS gained from more than 40-years’ experience now evolving into a new approach, dynamic and friendly not only to the end-user but also to the installer. Dedicated to residential and commercial security, it’s in fact easy to use but also to install, and thanks to the intuitive keyboard Star-Touch it will be simple to program customized menus according to customer’s requirements.

During this year CIAS will “dynamically” add further new products and solutions to the new catalogue.
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