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  • Royal Boon Edam International B.V.

  • Country: Netherlands
  • City: Edam
  • Address: P.O. Box 40, 1135 ZG Edam. Netherlands
  • Contact Person: Boon Edam

Boon Edam opens new Showroom in Edam, the Netherlands
Source: Boon Edam
On 1st November 2010, Boon Edam, world market leader in revolving doors and leading expert in security access solutions, opened its new showroom in Edam. From revolving doors to security turnstiles, history to sustainability and technology the new showroom displays the full range of Boon Edam products.

The 130 year heritage of Boon Edam is something to be proud of. In the showroom’s history section Boon Edam honours its legacy, giving an overview of the company’s humble beginnings as a small carpentry shop in Amsterdam to the world market leader it is now. The showroom also conveys the history of the revolving door starting with a wooden Tourniket and culminating into today’s range of high capacity revolving doors such as the Miraitour, with integrated high safety features and four collapsible door wings, allowing it to be opened completely.

One of the company’s current strengths is best showcased in the technology space. Here you will find the latest and most innovative additions to their sophisticated range. One of which is the Swinglane Airport, a ‘new generation’ self boarding security lane that allows passengers to have a smooth and efficient boarding process without jeopardising strict security requirements.

The green area highlights the energy saving aspects of the revolving door, where the always open, always closed principle of a revolving door is explained in detail. The green area also showcases Boon Edam’s Energy Generating Revolving Door. This innovative revolving door is able to convert the human energy applied to the door set when people are passing through into a consistent power supply for the low energy LED lights illuminating the door. The glass ceiling of the door showcases the technology behind the energy generation, giving the user a sense of involvement in the process.

The new showroom gives a complete overview of Boon Edam’s sophisticated range of revolving doors and security access products and allows customers to see and test the products for themselves. For more information about Boon Edam products or a visit to the showroom, please contact your local representative or Michelle Hoare, Marketing Manager, Royal Boon Edam Group Holding BV, or visit the website:
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