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SDK Release Ver.7.1

Fastest 3D face recognition engine in the planet.
Ayonix has just released a new face matching algorithm with mask match” which improves the recognition and matching criteria significantly.
Improvement of matching algorithm gives more freedom for users to use Face recognition in uncontrolled environments where lights cannot be controlled such as outdoor environments. New improvement recognizes people with high matching scores and prevents mismatches.
Ayonix engine also gives much better performance for images with non-frontal poses up to 45 degree from right to left. While the performance improves, matching speed of the engine remains to be the fastest.
Ayonix engine is now ready for customer’s evaluation and integration. SDK Ver.7.0 is available for Windows, Linux and Android OS. SDK Ver.7.0 runs multi-thread and multi-core by using all available hardware resources.
SDK Ver.7.0 brings more features compared to previous SDKs such as Gender detector, Age detector, Smile Detector, Sunglass detector, ICAO passport image verification.
SDK Ver.7.0 enables users to compare still images to those stored in multi-million image databases and instantly view match lists. By using SDK, system integrators, customers, software vendors can develop their own applications, seamlessly integrate Face recognition into their existing products/systems in short time.
Ayonix provides customers full 3D face recognition technology in SDK Ver.7.0. Ayonix 3D technology internally analyzes age differences of two images, face poses, face lights, noises, occlusions and any other image pixel corruptions and improves the inappropriate images instantly and quickly so that Recognition accuracy is not affected by environmental factors.
SDK Ver7.0 comes with Java wrapper, C# wrapper, C++ sample program. It works for any CPU type (ARM, Intel, AMD, MIPS).
SDK accuracy hits 99% in publicly available benchmark datasets with 0.5% EER (Equal Error rate).
Please contact the Ayonix sales team to request software upgrades or an evaluation license for the newly released technologies and products.
Ayonix Corporation, Japan.
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