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IP Camera, Access Control, Management Platform, Home Automation, Security Services, Police Equipment
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  • Ayonix Pty ltd

  • Country: Australia
  • City: Melbourne
  • Address: 58 the boulevard
  • Contact Person: Sadi Vural

Company Introduction
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We are a Face recognition company having offices in Tokyo and Melbourne. We develop AI-based Face recognition for Access control, Customer analytics and Surveillance. Our Face recognition engine gives Gender/Ag/expression and Face verifications and tracking.
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Press Releases
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SDK Release Ver.7.1

Date: 2021/05/06
Fastest 3D face recognition engine in the planet. Ayonix has just released a new face matching algorithm with mask match” which improves the recognition and matching criteria significantly. Improvement of matching algorithm gives more freedom for users to use Face recognition in uncontrolled environments where lights cannot be controlled such as outdoor environments. New improvement recognizes people with high matching scores and prevents mismatches. Ayonix engine also gives much better per... Read Details