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Coffee Shop Surveillance and Automatic Administration System
Source: AV TECH
It goes without saying that coffee has been one of the most popular drinks in the world. Here in Taiwan, there are numerous coffee shops and the competition is fierce. Located in Taiwan NanKang Software Park, one of the largest coffee shops sellsmore than 50 different types of coffee, beverages, and desserts to business people every day. For efficient store and human resource management, the shop owner needs a simple but integrated security solution.

The shop owner was already using three AVTECH AVN80X Push Video IP camerasin the store for instant video notificationandtwo-way audiofunction onEagleEyes. However, without an integrated solution, the shop owner needs to switch back and forth to view all the cameras. Also, the shop owner needs to add few more cameras, hopefully combiningwith alarm system application to monitor employees’ activities, meals services, and the cashier status. The shop owner then decides to find an integrated solution that upgrades his current solution withalarm-based and multi-channel monitoringin a reasonable budget.

AVTECH AVH800 NVRis his first choice, also few otherdifferent types of cameras(AVM328A, AVN90X, AVM357A, AVM301)withdifferent shapes, functions, and budgets.

Using AVH800total solution, the store ownercan monitor multi-channels and have more choices on camera selectionon both ETS series and Push Video series.
The Full D1 and 720P-supported recording capacity of AVH800 offers great image quality for the store owner to monitor, identify, and recordevents clearly. Its slim and elegant shape also looks more attractivelike a consumer electronic device rather than a traditional recorder.
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