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Exceptionally successful year for security organization thanks to Ampleye cameras
Source: Ampleye
In the past year dozens of cases have been solved at business park Ekkersrijt thanks to Ampleye cameras. The park’s security organization SBBE (Stichting Beveiliging Bedrijven Ekkersrijt) is very satisfied with the cameras’ results. ‘The use of these CSI cameras on Ekkersrijt has proven to be incredibly successful after the first year’, says Bert Nieuwenhuis, security coordinator at SBBE. ‘After a trial with one camera at the main access and exit point of the business park, it soon became clear that it would pay off to secure the two other entries with ‘CSI cameras’ as well’.

Thanks to the successes SBBE had in solving various cases, from burglaries to hit-and-runs, the confidence businesses have in the security organization has increased. In the past, companies had been disappointed too many times with recordings lacking important details such as license plates and suspect details. Presently, the three Ampleye cameras serve as ‘gate-keepers’, each camera monitoring up to six lanes simultaneously while providing all details including license plates, vehicle brand and model. This way, the cameras provide the much-needed evidence to solve cases, making the park a more secure place for businesses and visitors alike.
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