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  • Shenzhen Simcam Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Country: China
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  • Contact Person: Jessica Yang

Company Introduction
Started in 2017, SimCam Lab is a subsidiary of SimToo, an established consumer drone company known for developing portable and foldable self-flying drones based in Shenzhen, China. Behind SimCam's leading-edge software is an AI and computer vision company named SimShine in Wuhan, also wholly owned by SimToo.

SimShine has a joint lab with three AI and robotics professors from China's first-tier universities of science and technology in Wuhan. The CTO of SimShine, Mr. Cheng Hui is a control science and engineering Ph.D. who has managed national level industrial IOT projects. The four scientists wrote fundamental AI algorithms for image recognition in embedded platforms from the ground up, optimizing recognition accuracy and computing speed to the greatest extent.
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Country: China
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Contact Person: Jessica Yang
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OEM/ODM experience:no
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