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IP Camera, CCTV
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  • Elitar Electronic Co., Ltd.

  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei
  • Address: 15F, No.866-9 Zhong Zheng Rd, Zhong He City,Taipei 235 Taiwan
  • Contact Person: Ms. Claire Bai

Company Introduction
For more than 10 years, Elitar has provide security products for over 20 countries worldwide. Elitar has reputation in the development and engineering of high quality security systems for homes and business large and small. Becoming a customer of Elitar allows you to benefit from our technologically advanced product line, experienced sales force, technical support team, in-house training, and a professional marketing team ready to help you advertise your business.
Elitar manufacture DVRs that are stable, durable and reliable. Elitar DVRs are manufactured with advanced MEPG IV and H.264 technology. Elitar Pentaplex 16Ch DVR has internet access with MPEGIV compression and optional build-in DVD burners. 3G mobile access and e-mapping are also build in the new CMS. All Elitar DVR series, provide compete 4ch 8/9 Ch and 16Ch -ion, and focusing in the vertical integration of DVR to meet the demand of different customer.
Elitar also offers a full line of professional grade cameras. Elitar cameras incorporate the latest technology including high quality image resolution ranging from 420 to 540 TV lines and professional 1/3” Sony CCD sensors. In the coming year, the whole series of Wide Dynamic Range Cameras will release to the market to meet the different demands and applications.
Recent released EL-SD800 series speed dome take consideration of customer feedback world-wide and modified to meet the customer demands and easy to install products.
Basic Profile
Country: Taiwan
City: Taipei
Address: 15F, No.866-9 Zhong Zheng Rd, Zhong He City,Taipei 235 Taiwan
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Contact Person: Ms. Claire Bai
Corporation Brief
Established Year:1998
OEM/ODM experience:yes
Countries of Export:Southern Africa; Uruguay; Mexico; Panama; Peru; Bahamas; American Virgin Is.; Canada; Indonesia (incl. Timor); Thailand; Syria; Sri-lanka; Malaysia; Japan; Viet-nam; Turkey; Eastern Europe; West Europe; Australia
Product Range
IP Camera, CCTV
Worldwide Branches
Claire Bai
Address:15F, No. 866-9 Zhong Zheng Road. Zhong He, Taipei 235 Taiwan