Access Quattro Pin enables high level security installations with ease

Source: Idesco | Date: 02/25/2009
Enhanced security level and a cost-effective system installation is the objective of every system installer. Idesco's Access Quattro Pin provides them both; it is a new illuminated PIN code reader designed for electric socket installations. This elegant access control reader is designed to fit onto electric sockets which provide the structure for the installation.

Access Quattro is a PIN code reader providing PIN code identification to be used together with an identification card. The advantages of the PIN code are significant, as PIN code is a very simple means to take into use and it results in a very reliable security level. PIN code ensures doubled security level: an access control card is useless if the PIN code related to it is not known. The security of PIN code is based on the fact that the PIN code is not encoded in the card itself. The system which accepts both the card and the personal PIN code compares the card data and the PIN data, so the card does not contain anything related to the PIN code.

Access Quattro Pin multi-purpose readers, suitable for multi-applications, are available with LEGIC and MIFARE technologies, including MIFARE Standard and DESFire.