Idesco’s EPC reader for cost effective long range identification applications

Source: Idesco | Date: 02/25/2009
Idesco has launched an EPC reader for cost-effective applications. It is a passive UHF reader that enables longer identification distances with cost effective and durable passive identifiers.

This innovative passive long range UHF reader makes it possible to create user friendly identification applications for vehicle identification (AVI), logistic systems and access control. This EPC reader operates according to the European UHF (ultra high frequency) regulations.

The reader can work with one external and one internal antenna. The antennas can transmit and receive at the same time or the other antenna can transmit when the other is receiving. The Idesco EPC reader is available with several interfaces for easy integration and offers a variety of security options. It supports anti-collision. Via the four I/O ports peripherals can be addressed. The wide operation temperature range of the reader and its protection class enable usage in indoor and outdoor environments.