Access Touch is a smart toolkit for new kinds of identification solutions

Source: Idesco | Date: 02/25/2009
Idesco has recently launched the Access Touch touch screen terminal with an integrated computer including an internal RFID reader. This elegant touch screen device is one of its kind in the market as it can be used as an independent standalone unit without being connected to another system. It can also be connected wirelessly to Idesco's wireless readers and operate as a control unit of a totally wireless access control system.

Integrated computer and an RFID reader in the same device allow an easy way to build versatile identification, tracking, vending or access control systems. Access Touch operates with Linux or Windows operating systems and offers the same possibilities for processing data as a normal PC beginning from an Internet connection. It can be used for time and attendance, payments, alarm control, as an info screen etc. The device enables tailored solutions, leaving the user the possibility to create customer specific applications with ease. The integrated RFID reader unit provides various technology options from 125 kHz to 13,56 MHz technologies.

Wireless technology, used with the Access Touch reader, enables new kind of identification solutions and it shows its advantage as easy and cost-effective installations. By wireless technology it is also possible to build an identification system for an event, on a construction site, or whatever a place where it is not reasonable to install cablings. The system is transferrable from a place to another and a new kind of system can be set up and programmed easily by the Access Touch touch screen unit.