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Quartas-500s Single Pipe Aspirating Detector / Quartas-2000s Four Pipe Scan Aspirating Detector

AVA prevent CO.,LTD
Quartas-500s is an aspirating smoke detector, specifically developed for the small area, very early warning fire detection.
Most early warning fire detection products claim very high sensitivity smoke detection to protect a large area, while Quartas-500s is aimed at protecting the correct size of area. The reason for this is that an aspirating smoke detection, naturally becomes less sensitive in a large area.
In order to provide very early warning fire detection in a large area application, the alarm threshold of the detector must be set to very sensitive and be closed to environmental background smoke level. If these measures are not complied with, it would be very easy to receive false alarms.
The preferred detection zone of the QUARTAS-500s is only about 1/4 of that of other popular brands on the market, but it provides much better performance of the very early fire detection and a higher immunity to false alarms.

Due to the nature of aspirating smoke detection system that all the air samples from
all the sampling pipes are drawn to a central detection unit for the smoke detection. Usually it cannot identify where the smoke is coming from because all the smoke is mixed. One of the advantages of QUARTAS-2000s is that it has four independent aspirators; each aspirator is connected to its pipe inlet. Therefore, it can easily identify the smoke origin simply by the control of each aspirator on and off to see which pipe has the highest smoke level. This AVA patented pipe scan process to identify the pipe with most smoke is very useful for four pipes aspirating smoke detector. For it usually protect a large area, making the search of a fire more difficult. With the help of pipe scan to identify the pipe automatically, the search area is down size to 1/4 of the protected area, making the fire searching much easier.