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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
Smart home / Products


O Plus Design International corporation Taiwan Branch
The E-Box is a web-based multifunctional smart controller,
It is part of intelligent control system which integrated
digital and analog devices control, enables you to creative
customized scenes and control various device.
The E-Box is provided dual-cut feature with a physical
wall switch which is used to provide high availability even
the E-Box without power supply still can on/off the loads
through wall switch.

The E-Box build in 8 circuits control function which also
can detect and measure the current of electricity in every
individual circuits.

Support Voice control ( Apple Siri / amazon Alexa /
google assistant ) . Can be controlled by native system
or app ( Apple Home / Line) or smart speaker
( HomePod, google home, echo)