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GR-715 Speed Gate

Goosafe Security Control
The concise and elegant appearance of GR-715 presents outstanding ambience with designer’s creativity and craftsmen’s expertise. The polished cabinet shines with luxury and attracts everyone’s attention.
GR-715 Speed Gate is mainly set up at entrance and exit of passage area. Uni-directional, bi-directional and no passage modules can be selected by remote control. If passengers are recognized, panel will open speedily. One person is allowed to pass each time. System alarm will output when sensors detect tailgating.
GR-715 is suitable for an area of high-volume pedestrian access and high security control requirements, such as corporate headquarters, commercial buildings, etc. It enhances the effect of automatic management and raises the entire quality of the site.
Reasonable Design
• 550/ 900mm wide passage are comfortable and ergonomic.
• Recognition system, card readers and ticket validators can hide in the cabinet.(Please confirm the specification with us before order)
• Inner circuit adopts 24 VDC and 12 VDC to drive and control for safety.
• Build in 8 digit counter can display passage records.
• Function setting by parameters is highly adaptive to different environments.
• Flap barriers mechanism provides fast and efficient access with precise barrier positioning motion.
• Cabinet with 1.5mm thickness with SUS-304 brushed stainless steel.
(Optional: powder coating or titanium plating)
• 12 mm transparent high-strength and impact resistant panel.
• High brightness LED light embedded panel emitting red and green back lights to enhance guidance for passengers. (optional)
• With 8 pairs of logic photocell sensors detection.
• Build in Control / Close / Free three kinds of passage mode.
• Memorize continuous open signal input setting.
• With tailgating & intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized passage
• In case of power failure and emergencies such as earthquake or fire alarm, the gate could automatically unlock to provide free passage.