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SF-160 Swing Gate

Goosafe Security Control
SF-160 Swing Gate is designed for accelerates pedestrian flow in High-traffic pedestrian access situation, like office building, banks, VIP areas in sports arenas.. etc.
With detection of infrared sensors and fast speed of the gate, SF-160 could provide secure, effective and rapid access control to prevent tailgating and intrusion.
SF-160 can be integrated with a recognition system or verification system like facial recognition, fingerprint scanner and all kinds of card reader…etc. LED indicator shows the status of the gate to guide the user through the lanes easier. In case of intrusion or abnormal status, the alarm will be activated and a message will be sent to the control room at the same time.
Outstanding Features
• With high passage speed, up to 40 people per minute
• With 14 pairs of logic photocell sensors detection.
• High performance and stable DC brushless servo motor for long-term continuous cooperation.
• The gates will self-correct automatically and synchronize the panel movement.
• Output torsion of gate can be adjusted and anti-trap safety detection is available.
• With tailgating & intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized passage.
• Gates can withstand 100% continuous full-time frequent operation.
• In case of power failure and emergencies such as earthquake or fire alarm, the gate could automatically unlock to provide free passage.
• Build in Control / Close / Free three kinds of passage mode.
• Memorize continuous open signal input setting.
• Panel automatically close after time out period of 1~30 seconds by setting.
• The 8 digital counter built in the machine for customer easy maintenance time to check Entry/Exit swing operation frequency.