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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

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Brinno DUO and Construction Trio Bundle Pack

Brinno DUO

We designed the Brinno DUO as a simple, safe and practical solution that takes care of not only tech-savvy adults when they are away from home, but also for the vulnerable tech-challenged mature adults and kids who are at home or don’t use smartphones. Brinno DUO ensures you peace-of-mind with minimal effort by monitoring your front door for you and your loved ones. Discreet peephole security camera for home and apartment front doors with smartphone alerts, motion sensors, dual internal storage, and inside digital display.
- Dual Screens
- Dual Storage
- Theft-Proof
- DIY Installation
-Save Smart on Smart Device

Brinno Construction Trio Bundle Pack (BCC2000)


The EMPOWER time lapse cam (TLC2000) -
•Automatically rendered and ready-to-view time lapse video requiring no complicated post-processing
•Flexible schedule setup allows different time & day combination to timely capture time lapse footage
•Superior battery life enables lasting outdoor jobsite video recording
•118˚ field of view angle provides wide range panoramic images
•Capture mode: time lapse, step video, and stop motion

The Power Housing (ATH2000) -
•Accommodate up to 16 AA batteries to give 4X more power in outdoor jobsite video recording
•Protect against dust & shield from adverse weather condition
•Change lens covers for long & closeup shots

The Clamp Mount Kit (ACC1000) - •Adjustable clamp opens from a minimum of 0.4”(1mm) to a max of 3.5”(90mm) for firm hold of any outdoor object
•Camera arm on a 360-degree rotating tripod (¼“) ball joint supporting 90° tilt for easily positioning the direction of the camera


1. Tri-Mode Activation Cam-Battery powered portable security/ surveillance camera, triggered by Fixed Capture Interval (time lapse), Motion Detection (PIR) or Hybrid (Time lapse + Motion Detection)
2. Long Lasting Battery Life-Designed for long term outdoor time lapse work powered by two D cell batteries lasting up to 14 months
3. Smart Night Vision-Auto turn on night vision at sunset and turn it off at sunrise
4. Ready-to-view Technology-Auto convert photos into fast playback time lapse video when shooting is done. No need for any time-consuming video post-processing
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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