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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Fire & Safety

3EGreen intelligent energy management system for smart factories
The main concept of 3Egreen is to create an economical and effective method to achieve the purpose of popularized and convenient electricity visualization by "Micro-Smart Grids".

3Egreen offer an intelligent energy management system, smart meter and gateway collect electrical utilization data from all devices by wireless transmission so as to show the real-time monitoring and analysis including "electricity management, contract capacity management, abnormal detection, equipment aging diagnosis, equipment activation analysis” on cloud platform, to support customer managing, adjusting and saving power easier.

Due to a simple construct without device shut-down during operation, we can improve electricity safety, intelligent management for energy conservation and prevent electrical hazards.

In conclusion, the innovation provide not only a better program for electricity visualization, but a comprehensive, flexible, integrated energy and power management system which make our lifestyle become more intelligent.

The "intelligent energy management system" successfully achieves several energy efficiency contributions in ample fields. The benefits are not only in reducing electricity risks such as avoiding fire emergency caused by short circuits, but also in improving electricity using behavior. Moreover, the customers can review and manage energy use across the whole organization, enabling them to see an obvious enhancement in performance, budget effectively, increase productivity and competitiveness, and boost their business brand.

Product features:
  • Smart Meter: Meters are not only wireless and self-rechargeable, but also easy-to-install. Users just hook on any wire, and meters operate automatically.
  • Gateway:  Each gateway has mutual communication between 100 meters, and the maximum transmission distance is up to 20m radius .
  • Cloud Platform: Showing electrical consumption data and real-time condition for all devices include details of every single device can be known. Users can manage their electrical utilization and update or maintain devices more economically and effectively.
  • Electricity management: Boost user control their electricity effectively.
  • Contract capacity management: Calculate real-time power demands, analyze the component of power demands, estimate the best contract capacity.
  • Abnormal detection: Offer emergency shutdown mechanism and alert notifications during abnormal conditions.
  • Equipment aging diagnosis: Diagnose aging devices and calculate excess power consumption.
  • Equipment activation analysis : Analyze the activation for individual device and electrical consumption during different modes.
Visit 3Egreen at the Smart Factory and Industrial Safety Zone in Secutech International from May 8-10 in Taipei, Taiwan.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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