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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

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Zulite ring connection architecture Ethernet fiber converters
Zulite's ZL-Ethernet RC series of ring-type Ethernet transceiver for fiber media devices (ZL-E99XX-2-X-RC/SM-(PXX) 100/1000M). In the flow limit, you can use the two-core fiber will be a few Ethernet port of RC series fiber converter connected into a ring network structure, and with fiber redundancy, When a fiber optic circuit be breaked can automatically switch to the reverse path transmission. RC series can be transmitted 100 / 1000M Ethernet signal, ring network within the IP camera and computer devices can be connected with each other. Device with 2 or 4-port RJ45 interface switch function. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also available, up to 30 watts per PoE port (60 watts optional)
  • The ZL-Ethernet RC series can be connected to Ethernet signal transmission within the bandwidth limit
  • The overall structure can save fiber resources, than the point to point transmission system to save fiber cable
  • Comes with 3KV high voltage surge protection
  • Provide system flexibility application, ease for the design of video transmission and control data integration
Zulite is one of the featured exhibitors at Secutech International from May 8-10 in Taipei, Taiwan. 
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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