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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - SMABIoT

CIRC intelligent autonomous drone used in smart factory
Core Intelligent Robotics Corporation (CIRC) intelligent self-controlled drone features Automatic (Autonomous) + Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing users with automatic inspection, threat response and live monitoring for on-time decision making. The system is equipped with high-speed computing and induction control platform to achieve fully automatic flight, precision landing and automatic charging operations which allow the drone to detect, identify, and track moving parts while performing mission image capture. It is convenient for security operators to realize the overall security situation from the land and air collaborative surveillance from the base station, and achieve intelligent security monitoring objectives. We are capable of creating customized solutions for different applications as factory security, disaster prevention, soil and water conservation, dam structure inspection, etc. 


• Autonomous takeoff, patrol, landing and recharging, collision avoidance 
• Real-time video analysis, recognition, and tracking 
• Multi-camera module with optical zoom x10/thermal lenses 
• Propulsion system redundancy for safe RTL 
• Safe and robust design 
• Weatherproof with IP54 protection and Beaufort scale- 6 wind resistance

Smart factory case:

Innolux used the personnel cage to carry out inspections of construction and peripheral equipment in the past, and gradually inspected the top floor pipelines and equipment on the site. The above operations were not only high-risk, labor-intensive, and high-hanging.

By replacing the manpower of inspection, response, survey and record with the company's intelligent drone program, two sets of security drones were built on the top floor of the plant. In addition to detecting the deformation of the pipeline through On Edge AI, it is important for large-scale equipment related to the peripheral area. The intersection area performs intelligent detection tasks, reduce inspection work hours and increase plant safety.

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22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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