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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Fire & Safety

Yun Yang fire safety system featured in Kaohsiung fire safety drill and showcase
The Central News Agency in Taiwan recently reported that the National Fire Agency and Fire Bureau of Kaohsiung City held a showcase of new technologies for fire disaster prevention and a fire drill to ensure fire safety and efficiency. The newest fire prevention technology by Yun Yang enabled firefighters to collect real-time information for their rescue strategy. 

According to the news article, the hypothetical situation was a kitchen fire on the third floor of a restaurant. The restaurant staff couldn't put out the fire and called the fire department for help. The firefighters used the fire deployment GUI system and digital radio system to gain information on the location of the fire and the dangerous goods storage. The fire deployment GUI system not only ensured the safety of disaster relief personnel, but also improved the efficiency of disaster relief.

Features of the Yun Yang intelligent fire notification system + fire notification operation equipment:
  • Effectively integrate the fire disaster relief command system digitally
  • Service staff clearly understands the fire address
  • Keep an eye on the latest situation through the fire location
  • Avoid delays in reporting and regrets
  • Users can upload their own drawings to the server and provide reference information for the fire identification data to improve the position control of the duty personnel when the alarm occurs
  • Clearly provides the location of the trapped people and the rescue location of the disaster relief personnel
  • Fire deployment GUI system : shows the fire location on the floor plan as a rescue strategy reference
Fire notification operation equipment
  • Equipment control system:
    • Firefighters can control the fire equipment and check dangerous goods storage/ piping drawing
    • CCTV image check-in time
  • PA GUI system and remote microphone: firefighters can remotely control the evacuation system to do emergency command/evacuation broadcasts
  • Fire escape guidance system : firefighters are able to know the exact position of trapped people and rescue them
Features of the Yun Yang wireless stand-alone detector
  • When the detector detects the fire, it will transmit to APP Network Text Module through radio wave transmission then send the fire message to the (TYY APP on) smartphone through the network to instantly know the situation inside the house
  • If camera is equipped, it can also send the image along with the fire message
  • Connect up to 15 detectors
  • Works for about 5 years
  • LED ring shaped alarm indication
Visit Yun Yang at the Fire & Safety Expo, a concurrent show in Secutech 2019 in May 8-10, 2019.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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