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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Vertical Solutions

Adding business value to retail with advanced solutions
Needless to say, retail is one of the most booming and robust vertical markets. However, more and more retailers are finding traditional ways of measuring customer preferences or satisfaction level inadequate. That’s why they are turning to advanced solutions, for example people counting, face recognition and other analytics, in this regard. The Retail Pavilion at this year’s Secutech displayed various cutting-edge solutions that help retailers achieve further business intelligence.


Tend is a U.S.-based Wi-Fi camera manufacturer whose products and service have applications in home as well as in retail, the latter of which can leverage Tend’s cloud storage and analytics such as face recognition to gain further business value.
“We offer seven-day free storage for retailers who can renew this service repeatedly. Further, we can generate reports on customer behavior, shopping preferences, gender and other customer profiles, but this is for a fee. Retailers find the solution useful as they can build a database of unwelcome or unwanted guests and be alerted once they come in,” said Sam Chen, who is Tend’s Taiwan distributor. “We target the DIY channel, and the cameras can be found in a variety of virtual and physical stores.”

Tung-I Information Services

Tung-I’s face recognition solution, meanwhile, equips store staff with the necessary knowledge about their customers. “This is an ideal solution for retailers especially if they want to provide a highly customized guest experience for VIPs. We also have other business intelligence solutions enabled with people counting and customer loitering time detection capabilities. Our deep learning algorithm can train the system to detect, for example, whether a particular item has been touched by a customer. This can then better help retailers as they make sales and marketing strategies,” said J. S. Wu, CTO of Tung-I.

ADE Technology

Energy conservation is vital to retailers. In this regard, ADE Technology unveiled its thermal solution consisted of thermal cameras and related software. The solution detects the real body temperatures of shoppers and uses these data to control the environmental settings at the facility.
“Compared to visible cameras, our thermal solution offers a more cost-effective way of tracking and counting shoppers. Further, we integrate this technology with the facility’s HVAC system, which will turn on or off automatically based on the number of people or their body temperatures at the time. With our deep learning technology, this system can even accurately predict the temperatures of the next 5 to 15 minutes in the mall and adjust HVAC accordingly based on the information on the crowd, in the process making the mall more comfortable and having the effect of energy savings,” said James Huang, Product Manager at ADE.

Yoyang Digital

If you live in Asia then claw cranes (or doll catching machines) should not be foreign to you. However dispatching workers several times a day to check the status of the machines, for example if the prizes are running out, is a colossal task. That’s why Yoyang Digital came up with a solution to address this.
“Our solution combines sensors at the coin slot as well as our own software. With our solution, the operator knows the cash and prize balances of each machine, which can be displayed on their PC or smartphone dashboard. Once the money or prizes reach or fall to a certain threshold they can get an alert. This solves the problem facing operators, a lot of whom send people to check the machines three times a day. This can help them become way more efficient,” said Kin Lee, a spokesperson with Yoyang.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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