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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Vertical Solutions

Smart, connected systems transforming homes and factories
As more devices are adopting the Internet of Things, the space for growth of automation and more intelligence in pretty much all fields is expanding by leaps and bounds. This brings about more potential for more efficiency and increased safety in both the home and workplaces.

Smart Factory Pavilion


BITMAIN is a China-based company that provides high-speed AI chips, servers, computing software and cloud computing services exhibiting at the smart factory pavilion. The main highlight at the show is its Sophon SS1 intelligent video and image analysis server system, designed for deep learning inference in AI applications such as for video surveillance, etc.

“We offer a complete system with the SS1 which is capable of detecting and identifying four to eight faces at one time in images and video by comparing it with the image library. This has a lot of applications in industries like factories where it can be used in combination with access control devices in place to restrict entry to certain areas or to identify individuals on black and white lists,” said Ian Chen, Product Marketing Director for BITMAIN. Other features of the server include pedestrian detection and vehicle detection and classification.


Tim Chang, Software Engineer at PROMAG Giga-TMS, displayed how the company’s Scannel RFID automation solution can improve and smarten up supply chain management in factories and industrial automation applications. “This works particularly well for shoe or garment factories. With our solution, a barcode is included in our RFID tag which can identify what the object is (for example, a sleeve of a shirt or logo. We can quickly identify large numbers of RFID-tagged objects simultaneously just by passing the pile of objects through our Scannel RFID Tunnel System,” said Chang.

The Scannel solution also features the RFID smart table which can scan RFID tags, collect the data into a database, allowing factory operators to verify the tags and analyze worker performance and efficiency.

Smart Homes


United Integrated Services (UIS) is an exhibitor at the show who specializes in fully wireless smart home solutions and home automation which can be remotely monitored and controlled via cloud through an app on a phone, tablet or computer. Their security portfolio includes motion detectors, IP cameras, smoke sensors, sirens, electronic locks. "We feature a peer-to-peer (P2P) network structure and we made sure that installation of our products is as simple and easy as possible. All the users need to do is power on and everything is connected automatically," said Jeffrey Kuo, Hardware Manager of the Electronic R&D Division at United Integrated Services (UIS). The company also offers a gateway device that can be used to communicate with all the devices via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.



essence, an Israel-based provider of smart home, security and home care solutions showcased its WeR@Home cloud platform which enables clients to connect and manage security and their home environment anytime and anywhere in real time via an app.

"The platform is based on security and smart home so we do everything from the security and safety hardware. WE have a gateway that connects locally and wirelessly to security devices. We can expand through Z-wave to third-party home automation devices. All of this is managed through a user application with which you can manage the basics like arming and disarming an alarm system all the way to setting rules and scenarios," said Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing at essence. "We have vocie extension through Google and Amazon. We are on the IFTTT platform, Nest. We do a lot of back-end cloud-based integrations and it just makes the user experience engaging and seamless."



22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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