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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Vertical Solutions

Make vehicles safer and smarter with mobility solutions
Vehicular safety has become an increasingly important topic. Keeping drivers and passengers safe on different modes of transportation - whether bus or metro - is the top priority for operators. At this year’s Secutech, exhibitors within the Mobility Pavilion have products and solutions to make vehicles safer and smarter.


Nexcom is a major exhibitor at the pavilion, showcasing a variety of in-vehicle solutions that satisfy users’ needs. Its industrial computer for buses features a safety solution where the driver can’t start the bus unless his RFID card has been authenticated. Video feeds can be transmitted live to the control center via 4G. For police vehicles, Nexcom has an industrial computer embedded with LPR and face recognition functions to allow police to detect and act upon suspicious vehicles/people immediately.
“We make in-vehicle computers, targeting four different user groups: public transportation, first responders, logistics and special vehicles, each with different demands and applications requiring different devices and computing power. We therefore design different computers for these applications,” said Andy Wang, Assistant Manager for Mobile Computing Solutions at Nexcom.

Great Lite

Another exhibitor, Great Lite International, is a distributor of VIVOTEK and LTS cameras and NVRs. However the company has also developed its own gateway/transmitter devices that effectively compresses high-resolution video. This makes transmitting video between vehicles and the control center via 4G more effective and less bandwidth-consuming.
“There are three unique points about our products. First they compress video to make transmission less burdensome. Second they make file sizes smaller so more video can be stored in the storage system. Finally, they put metadata tags on the video to simplify analysis in the backend,” said Robert Lin, Manager for Marketing at Great Lite International.


Storage is critical in transportation too as video feeds from in-vehicle cameras need to be effectively stored. In this regard, SSD (solid state drive) can play a significant role due to its reliability and ruggedness. Apacer has solutions in this regard.
“Flash storage solutions applied in the vehicle computing market require a rugged design to withstand extreme conditions. To meet these environmental requirements, Apacer’s industry memory products feature low power consumption, shock and vibration resistance and wide temperature tolerance, making our automotive storage solutions reliable,” the company said in a statement.


Thermal solutions maker ULIS, meanwhile, has on display a variety of chips for thermal cameras and devices, which can then be used for surveillance of critical infrastructure during night time when there’s no light. As far as mobility is concerned, thermal can have night-time navigation applications for helicopters, for example.
“When you see during the night you can’t see everything. But if you have a thermal camera you can see everything. You see the trees, you see the fields, you see the water, you see everything,” said Thierry Fourrier of the Sales and Marketing Department of ULIS.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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