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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Key Components

Secutech SI Panel Discussion - Singapore and Myanmar markets
Secutech invites systems integrators from the Southeast region to discuss their local security market to provide insight for security players who want to gain more knowledge on the security landscape in the country.

The three panelists in the forum are:
  • Desmond Lim, Director, SecureCom (Singapore)
  • Ted Lwin, Director, Billion Bright Group (Myanmar)
  • San Win Maung, Managing Director, Next Point (Myanmar)

During the panel, we also heard from security professionals in the audience on the Indian, Malaysian and Taiwanese market.

Lim talked about the market in Singapore: Product price is going down, yet labor costs continue to grow. To overcome this issue, SecureCom adds value to their products, believing that value and service to solve problems that users are facing.

“The camera is not sufficient for them, they need video analytics, they need AI to help them with the next thing. A lot of countries are going to become a smart nation, they will try to reduce the labor force, and use technology to solve this issue,” said Lim. 

In a world where artificial intelligence and IoT are one of the biggest trends in the industry, the question of acceptance among end users was raised during the discussion. 

When asked when he thought the first customers will really be willing to buy AI technology solutions, Lim replied, “In my own opinion I’m guessing in the next three to five years – when the technology is more mature.”

In Myanmar, the public still has little knowledge on security products and solutions, therefore many end users choose price as the priority. According to John Shi, Executive Editor-in-Chief of a&s magazines, usually there is a phenomenon where users who purchase cheaper products will learn from their bad experiences, which in turn will make them value quality more than price.

According to Ted Lwin, Director of Billion Bright Group, one of the biggest vertical markets in Myanmar is parking systems, due to the messy traffic conditions in the country. “There can be a two lane road, but half of it is taken up by road-side markets. It is in no condition for cars to get through.”
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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