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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Vertical Solutions

Innovative cloud video and IoT applications on display at Secutech

One of the highlights at this year's Secutech International is the Cloud Intelligent Video and IoT Innovative Application Pavilion which showcased the latest developments in the industry.


Raylios, a software-based company that specializes in IoT cloud platform and deployment, demonstrated their software in ChicoBell, a brand new smart video doorbell. “When someone presses the doorbell, owners can use an app to check who the visitor is. Alerts are issued whenever there is activity, and the images and videos are stored on the cloud,” said Miranda Peng, Manager for Sales and Marketing at Raylios. With Raylios eyeOn Cloud solution, the company offers modularized services such as its US-patented cloud time-lapse imaging technology and supports over the air (OTA) firmware hardware, enabling Ravlios to provide customized solutions to its clients.


 TCIT is a company that provides biometrics and recognition software highlighted its offerings for critical and non-critical applications at the show. "Facelock, our access control device, works with cards, fingerprints and pin number entry. The addition of our face recognition software into the device enables it to identify faces in just one second. By combining the use of a card with facial recognition adds another layer of security to the system," said Michael Huang, Sales Manager for TCIT. 

The company also highlighted its offering, the TCIT media, which is particularly ideal for smart retail as it can analyze people's age, gender and even provide information that can be used to determine effectiveness of advertising campaigns through looking at logs of how long and how much the ad was viewed. "Clients can install our facial recognition software to enable identification of people on white- and black-list and trigger alarms. We can provide reports that can be used for further analysis to get the information they want," added Huang.

Great Connection System

The applications of cloud and IoT extends beyond security as can be seen with Great Connection System, who demonstrated a smart water quality control solution which will allow users to check the status (pH, temperature, water pressure, etc.) of the water in a certain area. “If there’s dust or any problems, the dial on the management console will turn red and an alarm is raised. We can combine it with the monitoring system so users can immediately check the video from a camera in the area,” said Frances Chou, Sales Supervisor at Great Connection System. Through the cloud, users can do real-time monitoring and remote control, using their cellphones to adjust settings.

International Smart Union

Deep learning algorithms play a big part for JagerBox, an on-premise AI box, by International Smart Union at the pavilion. “What we offer our partners who have cameras and cloud platforms is our API and our box to which they can link camera streams, even for legacy systems. We help customers with image analysis including facial and object recognition as well as license plate recognition,” said Richard Chou, Software Developer for International Smart Union. “The application we’re highlighting at the show for our AI box is intrusion detection. We can analyze if the object is a person or car and issue alerts if it crosses any protected area. We receive the queries and  provide users with event summaries. False alarms are lower with our system as we use deep learning algorithms unlike traditional systems.”
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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