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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - IVS

Open Video Pavilion showcases latest in video technology

One of the highlights of Secutech Taipei this year is the Open Video Pavilion, which is a collaboration effort led by Network Optix (Nx), a leading video management system (VMS) provider who has brought its various technology and distribution partners together to demonstrate their latest products and solutions.

Network Optix

According to Andy Wen, APAC Channel Sales Manager at Network Optix, rather than taking part in the exhibition individually, they wanted to bring in partners in a “battleship” concept to demonstrate what’s hot and trendy in the industry.
As for the company itself, Nx is demonstrating its newly improved smart search functions enabled with facial recognition. Upon entering a registered user’s name, the system will call out all related footage related to that user.
“We want to provide a great user experience where the user can find the footage they’re looking for in the quickest way possible. This is what security is all about. Say you type the name ‘Andy’ and all footage associated with him will appear, allowing you to look into it or download it,” Wen said.

Calvelo Engineered Systems

Calvelo Engineered Systems is a distributor/systems integrator based in the Philippines. They distribute Nx as well as Milesight-branded cameras for applications that are both security- and non-security-related. The latter include people counting for call centers, which need to know how many people go in and out of the facility.
“We use people counting analytics, which are already embedded into the Milesight cameras. You don’t need to install any additional people counting software or hardware. By using the Milesight camera you can already do that. You can also integrate that into Nx. It depends on the way of the requirement,” said Alexander Dulay, representative with Calvelo Engineered Systems.


Spectrum, meanwhile, is the distributor of Nx as well as Afidus-branded cameras in Indonesia. Specifically, they mention the hive redundancy technology that Nx offers, which detects server failure and immediately assigns another server to take over. This, according to Spectrum, can benefit various verticals it operates in.
“One vertical we focus on is military prisons. As you know Indonesia is made up of many islands, and they want all prisons monitored by the army headquarters in Jakarta, and Nx can do this for them. So if the server at one prison fails, the others will pick up,” said a spokesperson with Spectrum.


VisionLabs, meanwhile, showed its cutting-edge face recognition engine with superb accuracy and effectiveness, thanks to the company’s reliance on its own training and inference software rather than on open-source tools available in the market.
Anton Nazarkin, International Development Director at VisionLabs, cites age recognition as an example. “Usually the market positioning is such that you provide information saying you are a man between 20 and 45; our age detection accuracy is within plus or minus three years. Basically this provides far more efficient insight for the customer. For people aged 20, you obviously promote other products than you would for people aged 45,” he said.

22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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