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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Mobility

Vehicle Telematics Reveals Snow Plow Progress to Eliminate Waits
NEXCOM brings vehicle telematics to snow plow operations to inform residents of Columbus, Ohio about operation progress. Targeted to modernize the administration of snow and ice removal, NEXCOM's vehicle telematics solution has been deployed in hundreds of trucks to assist with managing and monitoring of automatic vehicle locations, snow plow routes, and operation status. With the solution, the city is able to mobilize its snow plow fleet responsively and elevate the residents' perception of public services.
NEXCOM delivers data acquisition, visualization, and communication altogether with a rugged vehicle telematics solution to improve how mobile forces operate. Adopting the solution in snow and ice removal operations, the Department of Public Service of the City of Columbus can ensure and verify the execution of snow plans and make snow and ice treatment activity publicly accessible. With the access to information that was previously unavailable, residents can check activity updates online instead of hanging in the air, wondering whether they are being left out.

“Our goal in NEXCOM is to enable mobile forces to act on what has been, is being, or could be developed on the move,” said Jay Liu, Assistant Vice President of NEXCOM Mobile Computing Solutions Business Unit. "The vehicle telematics solution serves as a combination of fleet management terminal, graphic information system (GIS), and vehicle gateway. The solution on snow patrol vehicles functions as an information hub providing operation centers firsthand observation to reprioritize tasks, coordinate the workforce, and formulate contingency plans accordingly. On snow plow trucks the solution hums with activities, displaying work orders, navigating drivers to assigned routes, and reporting back to operation centers about the whereabouts of snow plow trucks on duty, the address range of roads that are treated, and the time when roads are treated.
Hundreds of vehicle telematics solutions have been deployed in the public fleet, riding with public workers through grim winters. The solution gives a quintessential example of how vehicle telematics can augment public service operations and facilitate open communication between a municipality and residents, and can be easily leveraged for waste collection, road maintenance, and other public services.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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