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Five technologies that make intelligent video analytics more powerful
Intelligent video analytics, the most important component in security system, now uses more advanced techniques like computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to analyze and identify targets. And We can't talk about intelligent video analytics without mentioning the five technologies that make it powerful, which are facial recognition, vehicle and license plate recognition, multilevel data integration, image acquisition and analysis, and image compression, decoding and analysis. 
Facial Recognition
In response to the increasing incidents in the commercial and public areas, law enforcement is now looking into the latest facial recognition technology to rapidly and accurately search for a target with specific characteristics. In light of technology advancement, cameras integrated with facial recognition can now recognize the target’s face even when the target is moving, at an angle or partially covered with light or jewelry, which are highly suitable to use in traffic heavy areas.
Vehicle and license plate recognition
The other prevalently adopted technology is vehicle and license plate recognition. Followed by the introduction of intelligent transportation system, surveillance cameras have been widely deployed at highway, exit/entrance, toll gates and parking entrance to monitor traffic and collect vehicle information for archival. With the help of license plate recognition technology, authority is able to quickly identify the plate number of the suspicious vehicle from surveillance footage, and match it against the database to trace the vehicle and obtain full information of the driver.  
Multilevel data integration
Multilevel data integration and detection algorithm have made the applications of big data and intelligent surveillance more practical in various industries because when multilevel image data is integrated with other types of sensor data, the accuracy of recognition is increased. By using in-depth camera and dual lens cameras to precisely detect the depth and height of an object, interference like sun lights and background noise can also be easily eliminated.
Image acquisition and analysis
Back in the day, surveillance data merely consist of unstructured data such as images and photos, and only allows users to search with restrictions of time and space. With most of the valuable information hidden under the redundant amount of data, the data usage efficiency is considerably low. However, as the technology advanced and more and more data getting generated every day, a sufficient database is formed to enable the system to analyze relationships between human, vehicle and objects and cross check similar situations in multiple time frame to draw conclusion about the causes and make prediction of the future event.  
Video Compression
Video compression is another intelligent method to shorten the lengthy video by segmenting out only the relevant footage that is useful for the specific event analysis, and exclude unnecessary and irrelevant content. Using such methods, a 24 hour footage can be reduced to 2 minutes of condensed content that’s related to the searching criteria, which helps users save a tremendous amount of time and increases accuracy.
Keeping pace with the current technology trends, Secutech 2018 will feature the Software Innovation Zone to share innovative technologies and solutions in video analytics, and demonstrate how unstructured image data can be turned into actionable insights that are beneficial for different vertical markets such as industrial, retail, transportation, healthcare, etc.  
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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