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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Security

Chiyu Technology showing their presence in access control
Chiyu Technology, provider of access control and time attendance products, was at Secutech 2017 showcasing their high and low-end access control.

The company initially started out focusing on serial converter. Over a decade ago Chiyu decided to step into the access control and time attendance market and has been producing a wide variety of options from high-end biometric access control to low-end PIN access. Some of the verticals that utilizes Chiyu access control include places that requires both time attendance and security such as airports, industrial factories, office building and hotels.

Several of their products was shown at Secutech this year. For the low-end spectrum, WebPass and BF-Mini W are both RFID controller that can use card or PIN for access. Customers can still have to choice of a biometric controller when choosing low-end model with the BioSense Fingerprint Reader Controller. Couple of the high-end access control that was on display including the CSS-800 access control and time attendance controller.

According to a representative of Chiyu, much of their customers from Europe lean towards the high-end model where as in Southeast Asian countries they see more popularity of the low-end access control. The demand for better access control is on the rise especially with recent news of attacks and threats at different countries. In the future Chiyu will continue to expand their presence in the access control market by introducing their product to more countries in EMEA and Oceania region.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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