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QNAP places a stronger emphasis on IoT
QNAP Systems, an exhibitor of Secutech 2017, displayed its QVR Pro software for NAS devices, featuring video as well as event management functions that the company said reflected the overall IoT trend.
According to Alan Kuo, Product Manager at QNAP, more and more people looking for storage solutions turn to NAS, which enables various functions in addition to recording video.
“For storage, NVRs have played an important role. But when it comes to file sharing and other management features, NVRs may be somewhat insufficient. So now we install QVR Pro on our NAS to suit the user’s various needs,” Kuo said, adding that the computing power in NAS these days has definitely improved to handle advanced video management software.

QVR Pro enables the user to do typical surveillance operations for example recording, storage, live view and playback. According to Kuo, the company is keen on the user experience. Once the user logs on they are taken to a web interface where, in terms of live view, they can drag the camera into the central area to view. “The user is not bound by the old-fashioned 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 format. The user interface is greatly enhanced,” Kuo said, adding for playback the user can also drag a particular video clip to view.

But what QNAP is really trying to get across is the event management feature which allows the user to set an event type and the action that it triggers. “For example, I can set the system so that when a camera detects a motion, the system sends a text message to my handset,” he said.
QVR Pro can be integrated with not only video but also sensors which can detect something and alert the system. “We are moving towards IoT. Under the IoT framework, all things communicate to ensure further automation. Our solution reflects this overall trend and direction we are taking,” Kuo said.
Applications can be wide-ranging. “It can be applied to education, healthcare, and retail, among others,” he said. “And factories can benefit, too. For example, a robotic arm can be integrated into the system. If there is a problem experienced by the robotic arm, a message can be sent to the system and a subsequent response is then triggered.”
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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