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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - IVS

Intelligent Video Analytics Pavilion features innovative solutions
As customers are now turning to their video surveillance systems for more than just security, video analytics are now increasingly relied upon to analyze the footage collected and derive critical information from them. This year's Secutech featured companies that are creating innovative solutions to improve their customer's security, intelligence and investigative capabilities.

Leveraging 10 years of research and experience in video analytics for fire and smoke detection, GKB Security featured its second-generation ONVIF IVS IP-based camera, with built-in intelligent analytics. According to Larry Liao, Sales and Marketing Manager for GKB Security, there are a lot of advantages to integrating analytics into the camera. "With the analytic software for fire and smoke embedded in the camera, it eliminates the need for any server and brings more flexibility to the integration. Users can detect the incident early through video and notifications, as well as quickly verify, locate and find out details around the incident.”
Larry Liao, Sales and Marketing Manager for GKB Security
There are a lot of VMS systems out in the market, but not all would allow users to quickly search and find specific videos. IronYun presented an artificial intelligence video search solution based on a cloud and big data video operating platform at the show. According to Troy Wu, Sales Manager for IronYun, their program utilizes deep learning algorithms to allow users to not only search for specific videos using keywords via an intelligent video search engine, they can also further analyze the video, as their program incorporates facial recognition, license plate recognition, virtual fencing, vehicle routing, among others.
Troy Wu, Sales Manager for IronYun
Umbo Computer Vision, is another company that is building autonomous security systems. From manufacturing its own cameras to creating a neural-network based software, the company has designed a solution that can autonomously flag suspicious events for applications such as intrusion detection. According to Edward Chen, Business Development Director for Umbo Computer Vision, their software doesn't rely on motion detection, but rather use algorithms that can scan images from video footage for things that are unusual.
Edward Chen, Business Development Director for Umbo Computer Vision
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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