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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Vertical Solutions

Automation is key for Tibbo Technology
Tibbo Technology was showcasing their modules at Secutech 2017, focusing on applying the system in an automation setting.

More and more we begin to see automation becoming the main feature for various settings such as smart building or factories. Tibbo Technology creates modules for end users to help them connect different sensors to form an automated system. Andrew Hsu, Field Application Engineer at Tibbo Technology give an example of a factory that needs to monitor the temperature because it requires a stable environment. With the modules connected to different sensors, it can automatically control the temperature if it reaches a certain level.

Aside from physical modules, Tibbo also has its own software that can be implemented with other products, giving end-users the flexibility to customize according to their needs. “Our own solution call AggreGate crosses different verticals industry and can work with different protocol from other companies together with our own product. We are not a closed system where you have to use everything from us. You can choose whatever you want to use,” said Hsu.

Some of their customers are system integrators and may need to combine many of their products. They will use Tibbo’s products as the main controller by connecting to everything else for their projects.

Hsu pointed out settings such as a production line requiring an upgrade of the old machines. “Normally, the old machine will require a person to monitor it and check if the status is performing correctly. You can add new sensors with our system and have it monitor by itself,” said Hsu. The implementation of an automated system can help reduce the manpower needed to keep watch.

The biggest customers Tibbo currently have is mainly located in the European region and demand is increasing as more end-users are moving toward more automation.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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