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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

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Hitachi showcases advanced finger vein authentication technology
Hitachi, an exhibitor at the CompoSec pavilion at Secutech 2017, is showcasing its finger vein authentication technology for both physical and logical access, protecting people and assets from physical and cyber invasions.
Both fingerprint and finger veins are biometrics that identify people by parts of their fingers. Yet according to Vencent Kao, Account Manager at Hitachi Asia (Taiwan), the finger vein technology boasts several advantages over its fingerprint counterpart.
“Finger vein is unlike fingerprint in that it’s not likely to change. Japanese research points out one’s finger veins are likely to stay the same from six to 65 years of age,” Kao said. “Plus, some people may have injuries on their fingers, or their fingers may get wet or sweaty, affecting accuracy. But all this does not affect finger veins, which are inside the body.”
According to Kao, with Hitachi’s solution the matching between one finger and 10,000 templates can be done in one second, making it ideal for large enterprises. Also, the technology boasts a false acceptance rate of one out of 15 million. “This is pretty good as far as finger vein recognition is concerned,” Kao said.
Given its higher price range, finger vein technology is deployed in mostly high-end projects where users place a strong importance to identity management. In Hitachi’s case, a lot of its customers are high-tech companies that have unique access control concerns.
“For example we have famous brands that require their contract manufacturers to step up their access control to keep competitors out. This is where our solution can come in handy, so that only employees and specific contractors can go in and out of the premises,” Kao said.
Hitachi is also demonstrating its finger vein authentication for logical access control, amid more rampant cybersecurity incidents.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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