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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

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Milestone on securing safe cities
Milestone Systems shared details of a successful safe city project in Asia by its partner at a recently held forum at Secutech 2017.

Safe city projects are popping up around the globe at an increasing rate, and the market has become very competitive with regards to securing projects. According to Ng Kiam Hwa, Channel Business Manager for Asia at Milestone Systems, one common challenge for this type of project is that the users might be too attached to their old system and not as willing to relearn and install more advanced systems. Therefore, it would be necessary to prove its value proposition to the potential client.

One such project took place in “B District” in South Korea, which was home to a population of half a million people living in an area encompassing 32 square kilometers. Housing business zones, residential areas and academic parks, it required an advanced surveillance system to secure the safety of its residents.

The district authorities felt that their existing systems lacked usability and they had to pay for every upgrade or change to the system. The new system would need feature advanced capabilities but still fit within their budget.

Instead of going with the option of just adding 300 cameras to the old system, the district decided to replace the original VMS with Milestone Systems,’ which will still allow them to stay within their budget. Leveraging Milestone’s open platform, the local reseller involved in the project was able to integrate their program onto the platform, designing a solution that answered the district’s distinct project needs. The new system allowed the reseller to manage and maintain the servers, networks and the surveillance system instead, freeing up the authorities to focus on other important duties.

Hwa mentioned that this has become a reference project for other districts in the area. The successful effort of the reseller and the open platform nature of the Milestone VMS are opening up new avenues of opportunities and revenue in this market
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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