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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Vertical Solutions

Solomon on how 3D vision, robotics contribute to smart factories
Solomon Technology, an exhibitor at the Smart Factory Zone in Secutech 2017, is demonstrating its latest solution combining 3D vision and robotics to make factories smarter.
Factories running CNC machines can find the solution especially helpful as it replaces manual labor for routine operations. Traditionally, pick-and-place operations require workers to pick up components and place them on the machine, and this requires accuracy and precision as the components need to be placed at exactly where it’s supposed to be on the machine.
More and more, however, factories are experiencing a labor shortage. “It’s increasingly hard to find people for this kind of routine work. Young people are not interested in it, and neither are foreign workers,” said Roger Wang, Vision Business Unit Senior Manager at Solomon. “Automation is much needed, prompting us to develop solutions in this regard.”
Solomon’s solution combines robotics with 3D vision, enabled by the company’s 3D vision module consisting of a camera and analytics. The camera produces 3D images, and the robotic arm is programmed to pick up components and place them on the machine at exactly where they need to be.
In the event replenishment is needed when a particular CNC station is running out of components, Solomon also has the solution in the form of an automated guide vehicle or AGV. The vehicle can be programmed to get from point A to point B to get new supplies. The AGV is also equipped with sensors to divert the vehicle from various obstacles in the factory.
According to Wang, the company now mostly focus on Asian markets “where there are lots of factories,” and it does not rule out expanding to other regions like Europe.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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