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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

Feature - Security

BXB Electronics showcase new solutions for communication
At Secutech this year, BXB Electronics presented their new IP-audio-video (AV) intercom solution for emergency purpose.

In the past, if an emergency occurs the first place to address the response is usually the surveillance room. This raise an issue of have the security personnel constantly being at one place and may increase the time for someone to reach the location.

BXB developed an IP-AV solution where any area with a microphone can turn into a flexible command center. A conference room is an example presented by Zolzaya Erdenechimeg, International Sales at BXB Electronics, which can have the same audio and video function as a command center. The person in the conference room has the ability to use the microphone and displays to see areas that needs attention and give verbal commands if necessary.

Erdenechimeg also mentioned a two-way audio and video intercom solution for schools. Intercoms has mainly been an audio only solution, this may become an issue if a visual is needed. BXB’s emergency intercom can be installed at different locations throughout the school and each one will have a surveillance camera pointing at the location. Upon activating the intercom, security personnel will be able to view the intercom location and interact with the person at the intercom. The solution can help determine the next step for safety by being able to verbally communicate while while having a clear sight of the location.

Having a flexible command center and two-way audio and video intercom will help increase safety by bringing better communication methods. The IP-AV solution is currently implemented in several schools in Hong Kong and Taiwan with some Southeast Asian countries receiving upgrades in the future.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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