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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

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ADLINK demonstrates high-density video management server
ADLINK, an exhibitor of Secutech 2017, is demonstrating its high-density intelligent video management server that is ideal for safe city applications.
The server features eight modules each with two CPUs to guarantee enough computing power to process video from hundreds of cameras or even more. “It is high-density, with a 2U form factor but the same computing power of an 18U unit or even more,” said Sarah Wang, Product Manager at ADLINK. “This design is energy efficient and frees up more space on the server rack, which can then be used for other devices.”
The server plays a central role in a citywide surveillance project. The cameras go to a switch that is connected to the server, which decodes the images taken by the cameras and provides the computing power for analytics or other software run on it. The server itself does not record; it is linked up to NVRs or other recording devices to save up the computational power for video processing. The unit also includes UPS features to ensure that the server is never down even during to unforeseen power outages.
The software that runs on the platform may be facial recognition or license plate recognition enabling cities and law enforcement officials to identify suspicious individuals or vehicles and track them accordingly. In fact, ADLINK has teamed up with other hardware and software partners, for example AxxonSoft, for proof-of-concept, which can be demonstrated to customers to help them understand what the system is able to do.
The server was formerly mostly deployed in Chinese safe city projects but now can be found in Singapore as well. “We’re now looking for other regions beyond Asia. After all, municipalities across the world need advanced video surveillance solutions given their higher demands for security,” Wang said.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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