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22- 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan

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Network Optix touts VR as future of security
Network Optix, an exhibitor at Secutech 2017, is showcasing a variety of VMS solutions. It also expressed high hopes for virtual reality, saying it will be the future of security.
Among the solutions demonstrated by the company is its cloud connect technology that is ideal in particular multisite environments, where the setup of a video system can be a complex process. What Network Optix’s solution does is taking the complexity out of the picture.
“We make things much easier for the integrators and users. For users, say a storeowner with thousands of stores, they can monitor any single location from anywhere with any device, all through their cloud account with us,” said Benny Chen, APAC BD Manager at Network Optix.
Another feature that sets Network Optix apart is its effective use of the hive architecture, which is a more cost-effective way to ensure redundancy. “For example in a 10-server system, if one of the server fails, data will be backed up across the rest nine servers,” Chen said. “There is no need for extra servers and therefore expenses on hardware can be saved.”
In terms of augmented reality and virtual reality, they are currently deployed in areas outside security. Factory operators, for example, are known to use VR for educational training.
However Chen expressed his belief that AR and VR, especially VR, will be the future of security. According to him, command centers can be virtualized in the future, allowing the end user to monitor different locations in virtual command centers through their VR glasses. “Also, a virtual command center can be accessed by multiple parties from different locations, for example from Taipei, Dallas and Shanghai, and they are looking all at the same thing,” he added.
22 – 24 April 2020 | Taipei, Taiwan
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