About asmag Rankings Microsite

Objectives of the asmag Rankings
  • To share and disseminate the latest from Security 50, Fast & Furious 50, Asia 50 and Customer Satisfaction 50
  • To facilitate constant communication among security elite worldwide
  • To reach out to a wider audience with a dedicated website, mobile app and regularly updated multimedia files and social media



Over the last decade, rapid technological advances and evolving market dynamics have largely changed the global physical security landscape. Some have risen - through organic growth or M&A's - and some have fallen and exited the scene. The highly fragmented and support-intensive nature of the industry means that bigger companies do not necessarily always provide better solutions and services; keeping users in mind, product reliability, customizability and agility are usually the drivers behind any success story in security.

a&s started the original Security 50 ranking in 2003, two years after 9/11, when security was booming as a business and a fairly high number of new "players" popped up all over the map by the day. Solution providers, distributors, resellers, integrators and government/MNC end users worldwide were in dire need to keep tabs on who was who, to do business with and source from credible, genuine manufacturers. As the industry and market shift from analog and wired to digital / IP and wireless, more new names have surfaced to address new niche market needs, in terms of location, vertical and technology. One annual ranking, based on pure product sales revenues, is no longer enough for us to reflect emerging trends, prospects and best practices in real time.

That is why we are introducing the all new asmag Rankings microsite and mobile app. asmag and a&s teams are going to great lengths in collecting, processing and presenting the latest news / financial updates, product releases and feature stories, from the security world's movers and shakers: by sales revenue ( Security 50 ), innovation and growth performance (Fast & Furious 50 ), Asian prowess ( Asia 50 ) and popular vote / feedback ( Customer Satisfaction 50 ).

It is more than just technology and product promotion; it is also about forging stronger bonds among global security elite and presenting unique, original views on corporate management, R&D, business development, brand building, partner selection and much more.

Virtual Community
The ultimate goal of asmag Rankings is to maintain a virtual community for real-time information sharing and long-term partnerships, and to propel the industry forward. Via the dedicated website, smartphone app and social media, we aim to keep every security professional in the know, on the go, be it the latest financial findings, product/project successes or exclusive interviews and viewpoints.

Multimedia Approach
Catering to today's fact-finding and sourcing needs, asmag Rankings is updated as news or interview findings come in, and can be accessed online, via the mobile app on iOS ( Android coming soon ) and on Twitter. A myriad of editorial topics and timely findings will be available as articles, charts and graphics, video interviews, social media updates, polls and other interactive formats.

About 2012 a&s Security 50

With this year's Security 50 companies eking out average revenue growth of 14 percent and profit growth of 9.8 percent, the numbers reflect a simple yet grim truth - demand for security solutions has slowed. Those who remained standing and posted double-digit growth prospered with disruptive innovations, productivity, efficiency, perseverance and management prudence. Some continued to leverage their resources to acquire other companies, quickly gaining technical know-how and international market presence. Overall, 2011 was an eventful year, leading to an even more interesting one in 2012.

The annual ranking Security 50 by a&s identifies tenacious leaders of physical security,
who thrive despite challenging and unpredictable market conditions. We salute these
outstanding organizations for sharing their financial data, experience and winning
recipe, in helping shape an even healthier industry. For a fair comparison,
we rank global manufacturers solely by product sales. Participants range from
exclusive manufacturers to end-to-end solution providers, making it
challenging but interesting to compare them side by side.
We urge readers to look beyond the ranking, to further explore the
underlying messages and factors.

For the 2012 ranking, six fresh faces rose to the occasion -
Arecont Vision, Optex, Safran Group, Tiandy Digital Technology,
TKH Security Solutions and Tyco Security Products.
By introducing new products / technologies, expanding into new markets or
strategically acquiring other companies, these "newcomers" exemplify best
practices in and for the industry. To qualify for Security 50,
all companies were required to provide official, audited financial reports.
This is not an advertisers index - ranking is based on objective data, as we
strive to present impartial analyses to our readers. All non-US figures were converted
by a&s using XE.com’s midmarket exchange rates - and not by participants' preferred rates - for,
again, a fair comparison across geography and time.

  • Electronic security equipment and system providers, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and multiple product segments.
  • Security companies or pure manufacturers with their own products, brands or solutions on a global scale, either publicly listed or privately owned.
  • Ability to provide FY 2010 and FY 2011 financial statements, audited / endorsed by a certified accountant or accounting firm.
  • Distributors, systems integrators, resellers, dealers, installers, guard service providers, information security and fire safety companies or related revenues were excluded, for labor and service costs vary greatly from country to country.
a&s bears no responsibility for the financial information provided by any individual company. For a fair comparison and ranking, non-US currencies were converted using midmarket exchange rates from XE.com on July 22, 2012. This is an unbiased list based on the willingness of participants to share their sales and profit performance.