Smart buildings are emerging to tackle sustainability and environmental concerns. Dahua Technology is leading the way by embracing AIoT and open ecosystems to enable intelligent automation, energy management and optimized resource utilization. This digital transformation extends to the hospitality industry, where Dahua's smart hotel solution integrates AI, IoT and big data to enhance security, guest experience and operational efficiency.

Dahua adds ‘green new life’ to buildings with smart building solutions
Digital transformation with IoT and data to make buildings sustainable and energy-efficient.
Reshaping hospitality: Dahua’s AI solutions for enhanced security and efficiency
Dahua smart hotel solutions to streamline security, operations and emergency response.
Use Cases
How clients have used Dahua’s smart solutions to enhance security and business efficiency.
Dahua upgraded the security system for a 5-star Divan hotel in Iraq
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Dahua security system installed at Mexican production site
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Dahua smart residential solution in a high-end apartment complex in Kazakhstan
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2023 Dahua Smart Building Global Summit
Dahua Technology recently held the Smart Building Global Summit on June 7-8, 2023
at its global headquarters in Hangzhou which was well-attended by more than
50 senior executives and prominent figures
from the real estate industry.
Highlights at the show included insightful discussions about the latest AIoT trends
and smart building applications and an exclusive visit to the Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Intellectual Property Industrial Park.
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Expert Insights
Show Video
2023 Dahua Smart Building Global Summit: Embracing AIoT to empower urban digital innovation and enterprise digital intelligence transformation
Show Highlights